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Linux ‘make clean’ is your Friend – MySQL Lenny Backports

Two days ago I had started work to upgrade the database on the development server. We plan to use Amazon’s RDS (Relational Database Server) which only runs limited versions for MySQL. As of this writing they are 5.5.8, 5.1.50, 5.1.49

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Best PHP Mail Class

I wrote this class. It works great! You can send just about as many attachments as you like and include HTML in the message. The only bug is that every email looks like there is an attachment. Hope this helps.

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How To Quickly Setup A PHPBB Subdomain

Setting up phpBB is fairly simple enough. But this will help set it up using a subdomain (e.g. You start by adding a record to your DNS. This is usually done through your domain registrar (e.g., Add

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