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Linux ‘make clean’ is your Friend – MySQL Lenny Backports

Two days ago I had started work to upgrade the database on the development server. We plan to use Amazon’s RDS (Relational Database Server) which only runs limited versions for MySQL. As of this writing they are 5.5.8, 5.1.50, 5.1.49

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Greek Letters in a Captcha

Most of us hate them, especially hackers and script kiddies. Captchas are used to thwart automatic form submissions to websites by bots and scripts. Security is important but the captchas have gone way too far. It’s one thing to distort

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Why Internet Explorer Sucks: Part 1

First I want to say that I was like you once.  I only used Internet Explorer because it worked for what I needed it to.  As my web programming career became full time, I came to realize just how faulty,

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Mysterious FireFox Addon Causing 404 Errors: authoring-rotator.gif

So yesterday I decided to have our server email ALL 404 errors to my email address.  OMG! It was really crazy at first but slowly I chipped away at all of them.  Well, today and yesterday, I keep seeing something

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