How To Quickly Setup A PHPBB Subdomain

Setting up phpBB is fairly simple enough. But this will help set it up using a subdomain (e.g. You start by adding a record to your DNS. This is usually done through your domain registrar (e.g., Add an A record that has as the common name and add the server’s IP address. Once this is done, you must add a virtual host section in the Apache configuration file:

DocumentRoot /home/phpBB3

Download the latest version from Unzip and upload the folder to /home or whatever you serve your files from and restart apache. Follow the installation instructions and make sure to rename or delete the /install folder under phpBB3

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One comment on “How To Quickly Setup A PHPBB Subdomain
  1. shrimpwagon says:

    No, you can’t forward. In the DNS setup, you need to add an A record for the domain with the IP address that points to the server that hosts the forum.


    It won’t work on a free hosting page unless it is hosted as a web site. You need to start a hosting account. Then you can point domain names at it.

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