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Trigger Events When Elements Are Viewed

Run Javascript or jQuery when elements come into view of the browser. $(‘p’).lazyloadanything({ ‘onLoad’: function(e, LLobj) { // Put your Javascript/jQuery goodness here } }); Download at Github Is this just another “lazy load” plugin for images? No, not really.

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Linux ‘make clean’ is your Friend – MySQL Lenny Backports

Two days ago I had started work to upgrade the database on the development server. We plan to use Amazon’s RDS (Relational Database Server) which only runs limited versions for MySQL. As of this writing they are 5.5.8, 5.1.50, 5.1.49

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Greek Letters in a Captcha

Most of us hate them, especially hackers and script kiddies. Captchas are used to thwart automatic form submissions to websites by bots and scripts. Security is important but the captchas have gone way too far. It’s one thing to distort

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Flowertown Festival Summerville SC Odd Review

My wife and I went to the Flowertown Festival in Summerville yesterday. We came late at around 4:15pm. They posted on their site that it closes at 5pm. Most of the vendors were still rockin past that well into 6pm.

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Yahoo App Sucks

I have been using Yahoo mail for a long time now. I prefer Yahoo email on my desktop browser because I am able to use tabs that they make available via javascript. I recently got a smart phone. I got

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Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce Review

I recently picked up a bottle of Cholula’s Chipotle hot sauce. I have to say that is is pretty good. I have always liked Cholula since I was introduced to it at my local Mexican Restaurant. I am an amateur

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Best PHP Mail Class

I wrote this class. It works great! You can send just about as many attachments as you like and include HTML in the message. The only bug is that every email looks like there is an attachment. Hope this helps.

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