AT&T Billing Resolved

After my blog posts and Facebook comments on att’s page, a lady from Facebook got a hold of me and took care of the $720.00 termination fee and even adjusted the charges for May’s service. I want to thank those who helped me with this issue. I was really at their mercy and they lent a hand to continue to help me out even though I was no longer their customer. I really enjoyed not having to call their customer service line or deal with their customer service over email. I am glad there was a more personable touch in help resolving my issue. Thank you at&t and to the persons who helped me.

Read about my at&t billing dispute

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AT&T Bill Still Under Dispute


I have been very, very worried about this situation all weekend. It makes things more difficult because this is under my wife’s name and I am trying to take care of this for her before she realizes what happened and cuts my throat. We just can’t afford this $720.00 charge. My business didn’t do well and I just have a regular job now.

I emailed customer service via the website about this on Thursday, June the 11th. This is the response:

“Dear Shawn Welch,

Thank you for contacting AT&T regarding your former business telephone

On your agreement it states the following:

In the event the Subscriber terminates this Subscriber Agreement or
terminates the Complete Choice for Business Package service, the
Subscriber agrees to pay termination charges to BellSouth as provided
below based upon the number of months remaining on the term.  These
charges will appear on the Subscriber?s bill as a charge in the OC&C
section.  Payment of this charge does not release the Subscriber from
other previous amounts owed to BST.

Set charge to be multiplied by number of months remaining on term
Complete Choice for Business Term Plan Program $20

Your term agreement auto-renewed on your bill date of 5/4/09 and you
disconnected service on 5/11/09. Idon’t show any notations on your
account that there was any prior inquiries regarding your agreement,
therefore the charges are valid.

Thank you for choosing AT&T.

Did you know that your customers are probably looking for your business
online?  I can check to see if your business name is available as a
“.com” address and set up a domain name for you.  AT&T offers Shared Web
Hosting and has discounts for our DSL customers.  Just reply back to
this email and I’ll give you all the details!


Dorothy Malcolm
AT&T Small Business Services &caseid=17846944″

I realize the stipulation here; but here is my point… It is not like I am trying to get out of a legitimate deal. I waited the three, long, years until I could cancel without a fee. I called on May 11th–May being the last month of the contract–and I asked the lady on the phone about any fees. My impression of the conversation with her was that it seemed to have already been canceled and there wouldn’t be any fees. I asked her if there would be a cancellation fee and to my understanding, she told me there wouldn’t be anything charged and that I would get a final bill. According to the email above, my account auto-renewed on May the 4th and, since I canceled, I was charged for the full 3 years. This is just very disturbing to me because I have been a loyal Bellsouth/at&t customer for almost 10 years–the last three being the business service. During the 3 year contract; you were great, the people on the phone were great and the technicians were great but the technological service itself was really poor. Every time there was lightning in the area, my internet service went out. I had THREE techs come out and take a look at everything to no avail.  They were never able to repair the problem so I just lived with it. Also, this whole time I have been paying for 3Mbs down stream and I have only been getting 1.5Mbs. The techs said numerous times I can’t get anything faster because I am too far away from the main trunk. I am 29 years old and I am a web programmer. I know a lot about the internet and electronics. I have done several tests myself confirming I have only been getting 1.5Mbs down. This is quite irritating that I have been paying the price of 3Mbs down this whole time. Therefore, I believe the difference makes up for the $720 AND not to mention all the down time from the storms. To top it off, I am being charged for the full month of May when I actually canceled all my services on the 11th of May. I realize I owe a balance for services rendered in the amount of $429.20, which includes the full month of May, that I am willing to pay. I can pay the $429.20 right now but not until the $720.00 is removed from my bill.
Case ID: 17846944

Thank you.

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My AT&T Billing Dispute


I just received my last statement and there is a $720.00 termination charge. The contract was up in May. I decided to go ahead and cancel the business account. When I called the lady was puzzled and said it looked like it was already canceled.  She went through with the request and never told me of any cancellation charge.  Apparently I was supposed to write them a letter 60 days prior to the end of the agreement or the account would automatically renew.  Therefore, I would be stuck with another 3 years of bad service (read the next paragraph).

I want to mention that in the last three years of having this service, the internet went out every time there was lightning in the area. This caused so much grief. I called numerous times and had countless technicians come to fix; but to no avail.  I think this alone would even out anything I owe. To top it all off, they couldn’t get anything faster than 1.5Mbs out to my home even though I was paying for 3Mbs. There is just so much wrong here.

Any advice out there? Please help.

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Pallet Wrapper of the Future

I realize it may be hard to get excited about something as simple as a pallet wrapper but I have recently made a website for an inventor of a really great product that I think will help workers in the logistics field.  The inventor is very passionate about his invention and I became somewhat “wrapped” up in his gadget. It is a hand held pallet wrap dispenser that easily and efficiently wraps freight pallets. The wrap is set on a pole that holds the wrap with spring tension. Pallets are easily wrapped by simply walking around the pallet and holding the pole either down for lower wrappings or up for reaching higher stacked pallets. It is safe to use too. No more using a stool or ladder to get to the top of  a pallet which is not only dangerous but time consuming. That means less workmans comp, less injuries and higher productivity. It is fairly inexpensiv too. If you have a minute, please view the very short video about the pallet wrapper on the front page.

Here is the commercial script:

Introducing SPEEDWRAP, a new and unique patent design industrial portable stretch wrap dispenser.

During these tough economic times, frivolous lawsuits and common workplace injuries, companies are scrambling to find solutions to combat and overcome two major issues, which are crucial in regards to company survivability and prosperity.

SPEEDWRAP’s dynamic ability and design effectively targets these key issues:

(A) Worker’s Compensation

(B) Productivity

Worker’s Compensation issues are a major concern on a daily basis in today’s work enviroment.

SPEEDWRAP can help you reduce inherent task related on the job injuries associated with wrapping pallets, while providing a potential defense to various worker’s compensation issues.


Worker’s compensation payments can range from thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

The percentage of employees filing for worker’s compensation is astounding.

SPEEDWRAP provides employees with a more stabilized working posture, along with SPEEDWRAP’s excellent reach speed and control allows employees to accomplish tasks exerting minimal physical effort, while maintaining stamina, experiencing less prolonged strenuous repetitive motion, resulting in inhanced employee moral.

In regards to Productivity, empolyees will experience an immediate significant increase in productivity, stamina, and overall ability to accomplish tasks with relative ease and astonishment.

SPEEDWRAP’s design allows for a smooth, fluid application, with no irritating interruptions. NO stagnate downtime, NO ladder, NO helper required, NO electrical or power failure concerns, avoids schedualing time consuming maintenance, or un-expected costly repairs, or system upgrades.

SPEEDWRAP’s design promotes improved wrapping technique, reducing or eliminating the temptation for employees to excercise poor and/or hazardous methods and procedures, resulting in product damages, and even unforseen injuries to company personnel. In relation to improved wrapping technique, this will insure integrity and quality of palletized freight, staged or in transport.

SPEEDWRAP is highly adaptive in its ability to wrap uniform and non-uniform standard and over-sized palletized freight, from floor to over 9 ft. unassisted.

SPEEDWRAP’s ability and efficiency will help companies promote and establish a professional company image while maintaining excellent customer relations.

SPEEDWRAP- efficient and effective

SPEEDWRAP- fast and easy to use

SPEEDWRAP- store anywhere (preserves valuable warehouse space)

SPEEDWRAP- no electricity required

SPEEDWRAP- excellent and effective back up for automated dependent companies

SPEEDWRAP- customer support and team effort

SPEEDWRAP- thinking outside the box with an aggressive fertile research and development department, insures future product evolution


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Fantastic Sams Goose Creek SC Horrible Experience

On Sunday, March 1st, 2009, 4:25pm, I went to the Fantastic Sams, Goose Creek SC location. When I walked in I noticed nobody was waiting. There were two

ladies cutting hair, I’ll call them Lady A and Lady B. There was a man getting his hair cut and a woman getting her hair cut, we’ll call her Lady C. Lady A,

having curly blonde hair and dark streaks in the front, finished with the man and walked to the back of the store. Lady B who was cutting Lady C’s hair,

said they will be right with me but did not pull up my info on the computer. Lady A returned from the back and walked over to Lady B and Lady C. Lady A,

started talking to both ladies how good Lady’s C hair cut looked. After a minute or so, Ladie C got up from the chair, after getting her hair cut, and told

me she will take me. (Just in case you didn’t get that, Lady C is an employee getting her hair cut while on the clock). I told Lady C how I wanted my hair

cut. I told her to cut it as if it were to be buzzed with a 12. I realize that isn’t very clear, but that is as simple as I could put it. After a few cuts

in the back, I checked it and told her it is too long; to cut it about half that. She cut my hair more and started styling my hair. I told her again it is

too long and just needed it be cut finger height all the way around. Basically, I had to tell her three times how to cut my hair when it is very easy in my

opinion. Not that cutting hair is easy but my style isn’t that difficult. The whole time I was turned to the side not facing the mirror and I couldn’t see

what she was doing or how my hair was turning out. While getting my haircut, Lady A–the one with dark streaks in the front–said and did some very

questionable things. First, she said in front of me how she, “feels bad how she likes turn people away.” That is very close to verbatim. At about

4:45pm–knowing that they close at 5pm on Sunday–turned away a mother and her daughter when they walked into the store. Lady A had not turned the sign to

the “closed” side nor did she lock the door. Another customer came in shortly after, about 4:50pm, and was turned away by Lady A. After I returned home, I

noticed that the front edge of my hairline–just above where my right sideburn starts and towards my temple–had been buzzed off. Not only did nobody in my

entire life ever buzzed that section of my hairline but the other side was untouched. So not only was it ridiculous to do that in the first place, she

didn’t make it even on the other side. Hereis a picture of it:


This is exactly how things transpired that night and I want a refund in full.

Thank you,

Shawn Welch

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How To Quickly Setup A PHPBB Subdomain

Setting up phpBB is fairly simple enough. But this will help set it up using a subdomain (e.g. You start by adding a record to your DNS. This is usually done through your domain registrar (e.g., Add an A record that has as the common name and add the server’s IP address. Once this is done, you must add a virtual host section in the Apache configuration file:

DocumentRoot /home/phpBB3

Download the latest version from Unzip and upload the folder to /home or whatever you serve your files from and restart apache. Follow the installation instructions and make sure to rename or delete the /install folder under phpBB3

Hope this helps. Take care.


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SP3 Video Problems: Update Removed Drivers

I realize the SP3 update was a few weeks ago but I haven’t been able to deal with this problem until today.

About 4 weeks ago, I was somehow suckered into updating SP2 to SP3.  I failed to read anything about it before the update and figured, “what the heck.”  Two weeks later, I realized something was wrong when I tried to play WoW.  An error message came up saying that it couldn’t find a usable video device.

I am very busy and just didn’t have the time to really dig in and figure out what went wrong.  Today, I tried to open Google Earth.  It could not open using DirectX.  I figured it was time to fix since I had a little spare time.

I then tried to update / reinstall the ATI driver and it just wouldn’t take.   So, now I had a complete loss of a video driver.  Well, I got sick of it all and rolled back before the update.

The video driver came back and I was able to play WoW and the ATI properties came back.   Unfortunatly, I had updated FireFox to version 3 sometime after the update so I had to reinstall FF3.  I also had to install most of my addons.  Not a big deal since it still had all of the addon settings and whatnot.

FireFox Rox! Windows sucks…especially SP3.  Don’t install it unless you really thing you have to.

I have had other problems at work updating to it.

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