My name is Shawn Welch and I currently live in Charleston, SC. I originally grew up in southern California in Los Angeles and Orange County until I was 18 years old. I dropped out of high school and got a GED while living 6 months near Oregon City. I then moved to Georgia to go to school but I ended up meeting my wife at a Bed, Bath & Beyond where we both worked. We then moved to Charleston because my wife loved the city. Here I had a few odd jobs until I decided to go back to school for computer programming. I received an Associates degree in Computer Programming from Trident Tech here in Charleston.

I am a full-time web programmer and developer for TheSignChef.com. I have been developing web sites for 11 years now. But the first 6 years was rough and I didn’t get very far until I developed my first real ecommerce website from scratch. It was an online kids furniture store. At the time, I was unfamiliar with MySQL so I made the “database” using XML. What a nightmare that was! But it worked. I made if for free at first to start a nice portfolio. I then came across an ad in the online paper for a web developer for a sign company here in Charleston named SignsRus.com. In the interview I showed my work to the boss-man and told him I was a “mad scientist.” I guess those were the magic words because he hired me on the spot. Since then we changed our name to TheSignChef.com because Toys-R-Us was none to happy we were infringing on their “R-Us” copyright.

I am just now starting to blog and getting better at it. Getting a new smart phone has really come in handy. I am able to take pictures and just upload them to a new blog post. I will be totally honest and say that I am also doing this because I want to start a blog network and get some back links to some websites including other blogs. Nonetheless, this isn’t a blog full of useless networking, marketing and business crap. I plan on giving it lots of personality and putting interesting blog posts on it.

Speaking of blogs posts. You might be wondering, “why is it titled, ‘What does LAMP mean'”? I named it that for a few reasons. First reason was to get it to show on the first page for that search term. It isn’t a very high search term but high enough to get a click here and there. I also named it that because that is basically what I do: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. You don’t have to know what these are to enjoy my blog. It isn’t all about techy and nerdy stuff. I deal with that junk everyday and this blog is a nice distraction. I will from time to time post stuff about those subjects if I feel so inclined.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy!

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