Flowertown Festival Summerville SC Odd Review

My wife and I went to the Flowertown Festival in Summerville yesterday. We came late at around 4:15pm. They posted on their site that it closes at 5pm. Most of the vendors were still rockin past that well into 6pm. The event was from Friday April 1st to Sunday April 3rd 2011.

At the entrance was a replica of the Hunley submarine which you could see inside.


Just a little far off in the distance you could hear a “Sweet Home Alabama.” On down the road there was a fun little mariachi band shown below (sorry about the dark pic).


The vendors seemed to be mostly local folks but I am not sure because we did not have time to talk to them. Most of the stands were selling crafts of some sort. The photo below is a picture of the main strip. This is Main St Summerville.


The photo below is a section that went perpendicular to the main strip. It was just a dirt path. I’m assuming this wasn’t the prime real estate spot for the vendors. I must have caught the kid there in mid sentence.


One of the vendors was selling fried artichokes which smelled absolutely delicious. We should have tried them because when we had walked back, they had already shut down.

There was another shop that was selling empty wine and liquor bottles that were melted flat that could be used as a serving tray. Some included the butter knife.

There were a few local painters and musicians selling their art and music. One musician went all out and had a ton of his CD’s with his music blasting. It sounded like an ameteur Yanni mixed with Celtic music.

Another vendor was selling aluminum beer mugs which you could fill up for free all day long with various flavors of root beer. One of which was sarsaparilla. It was a cool looking stand too. The front of which was all wood and had the beer barrels sticking out that poured the beer.

There was no alcohol stands that I could see but I guess I wasn’t looking for them.

I saw a bizarre vendor’s product which was crystal finger nail filers. Looked cool…I guess. I didn’t know crystal finger nail filers were so popular. It was a man selling them and I got to thinking, maybe he was a person who worked with glass. One day, he used an etched piece of glass to file his nail down and got the idea. I dunno, see, I should have gone early and spoke to some more folks. If he was a true salesman, I’m sure it would have been a better story.

There was another artist doing portraits as you might find at any festival of high caliber. These weren’t just any portraits, I think the dude might have been trippin on acid because the faces looked melted and droopy. It definitely did not rain on them if that is what you might have wondered.

Unfortunately, there were no rides that I could see around. Maybe next year.

The Shriners were there. I was surprised to see a young guy with a very ornate “one of those hats” on. Usually you see a bunch of old cronies wearing them but this guy could not have even been 40.

Of course you had the stores with clothes and jewelry. Nothing particular caught my eye. Maybe because I’m a dude and not into that stuff too much. Neither is my wife so she didn’t point anything out.

There was a kettle corn stand and a Bar Bee Que stand I wanted to try but my diet said “no.”

My wife and I did buy some food. We, of course, went to the booth with the largest banners. I got a lamb gyro and she got lemonade and a funnel cake. The gyro was a complete mess and dripped all over the place. I had asked for it without the bread because I am on a low carb diet and the dude, in kind of a Greek ancient, said, “how would I make a gyro?” Haha, I can only hope I wasn’t the first jerk to ever ask him that stupid question. They poured a ton of nasty ranch on it. It just wasn’t very good. My wife’s funnel cake was good but it was completely covered in powered sugar. Now I know…this is just festival food and I shouldn’t be so critical. Agreed, I am just doing this for the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

The BEST stand I think was the mini doughnuts. Not only were the doughnuts mini but so was the doughnut frying machine. The whole thing was about the size of two keyboards and was complete with an automatic doughnut flipper halfway down the fryer. If you haven’t seen a doughnut frying machine you got to check one out. Then size it down to about 4 feet wide. It was so cute. Made you want to buy a doughnut just for the novelty of it. There was I sign that said, “Don’t bump or shake the table.” Understandably so mister mini doughnut man who wasn’t very mini at all.

Now that I am writing all of this, I really wish I took my pictures. I am an ameteur blogger so maybe next time will be better.

Below is a picture of a pretty path that was close by. It looped around and had a nice white bridge going over a small stream. I didn’t see any fish in there.


El fin.

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5 comments on “Flowertown Festival Summerville SC Odd Review
  1. benrwoodard says:

    This was our first year in the area and we should have gone but hopefully next year.

  2. benrwoodard says:

    We missed it this year but we are planning on going next year. Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Ruth Hood says:

    The vendors seemed to be mostly local folks but I am not sure because we did not have time to talk to them. Most of the stands were selling crafts of some sort. The photo below is a picture of the main strip. This is Main St Summerville.

  4. Danielle says:

    Do you remember the name of the doughnut vendor?

  5. shrimpwagon says:

    The vendor with the little doughnut machine? That is a riot! I don’t remember. I didn’t go this year.

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