Yahoo App Sucks

I have been using Yahoo mail for a long time now. I prefer Yahoo email on my desktop browser because I am able to use tabs that they make available via javascript.

I recently got a smart phone. I got an HTC Inspire Android. Up until just 3 weeks ago, yes I know, pathetic for a web programmer, I had a crappy Samsung flip phone which was only ok at the about 6 years ago. So naturally I got the email Yahoo app.

My biggest complaint, and really the only one, is that the email browser window cannot resize using two fingers like most other app windows do like in the FireFox app. You also cannot move the window diagonally. You have to wait until the screen is locked until you can move it in a perpendicular position.

Yahoo please fix.


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2 comments on “Yahoo App Sucks
  1. i agre dude it sucks on my android htc inspire what about the google one aiie?

    • shrimpwagon says:

      I haven’t used the Gmail app yet. I don’t use Gmail so I don’t have a use for the app. I bet it is better though but I am not going to change email accounts just for the app. I just wish Yahoo would get it straight.

      Nice blog btw. I can pick up some more HTC Android tips. Would you be interested in exchanging links on our blogroll, if so, just put a link on yours and I will put a link on mine.


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