My AT&T Billing Dispute


I just received my last statement and there is a $720.00 termination charge. The contract was up in May. I decided to go ahead and cancel the business account. When I called the lady was puzzled and said it looked like it was already canceled.  She went through with the request and never told me of any cancellation charge.  Apparently I was supposed to write them a letter 60 days prior to the end of the agreement or the account would automatically renew.  Therefore, I would be stuck with another 3 years of bad service (read the next paragraph).

I want to mention that in the last three years of having this service, the internet went out every time there was lightning in the area. This caused so much grief. I called numerous times and had countless technicians come to fix; but to no avail.  I think this alone would even out anything I owe. To top it all off, they couldn’t get anything faster than 1.5Mbs out to my home even though I was paying for 3Mbs. There is just so much wrong here.

Any advice out there? Please help.


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