Pallet Wrapper of the Future

I realize it may be hard to get excited about something as simple as a pallet wrapper but I have recently made a website for an inventor of a really great product that I think will help workers in the logistics field.  The inventor is very passionate about his invention and I became somewhat “wrapped” up in his gadget. It is a hand held pallet wrap dispenser that easily and efficiently wraps freight pallets. The wrap is set on a pole that holds the wrap with spring tension. Pallets are easily wrapped by simply walking around the pallet and holding the pole either down for lower wrappings or up for reaching higher stacked pallets. It is safe to use too. No more using a stool or ladder to get to the top of  a pallet which is not only dangerous but time consuming. That means less workmans comp, less injuries and higher productivity. It is fairly inexpensiv too. If you have a minute, please view the very short video about the pallet wrapper on the front page.

Here is the commercial script:

Introducing SPEEDWRAP, a new and unique patent design industrial portable stretch wrap dispenser.

During these tough economic times, frivolous lawsuits and common workplace injuries, companies are scrambling to find solutions to combat and overcome two major issues, which are crucial in regards to company survivability and prosperity.

SPEEDWRAP’s dynamic ability and design effectively targets these key issues:

(A) Worker’s Compensation

(B) Productivity

Worker’s Compensation issues are a major concern on a daily basis in today’s work enviroment.

SPEEDWRAP can help you reduce inherent task related on the job injuries associated with wrapping pallets, while providing a potential defense to various worker’s compensation issues.


Worker’s compensation payments can range from thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

The percentage of employees filing for worker’s compensation is astounding.

SPEEDWRAP provides employees with a more stabilized working posture, along with SPEEDWRAP’s excellent reach speed and control allows employees to accomplish tasks exerting minimal physical effort, while maintaining stamina, experiencing less prolonged strenuous repetitive motion, resulting in inhanced employee moral.

In regards to Productivity, empolyees will experience an immediate significant increase in productivity, stamina, and overall ability to accomplish tasks with relative ease and astonishment.

SPEEDWRAP’s design allows for a smooth, fluid application, with no irritating interruptions. NO stagnate downtime, NO ladder, NO helper required, NO electrical or power failure concerns, avoids schedualing time consuming maintenance, or un-expected costly repairs, or system upgrades.

SPEEDWRAP’s design promotes improved wrapping technique, reducing or eliminating the temptation for employees to excercise poor and/or hazardous methods and procedures, resulting in product damages, and even unforseen injuries to company personnel. In relation to improved wrapping technique, this will insure integrity and quality of palletized freight, staged or in transport.

SPEEDWRAP is highly adaptive in its ability to wrap uniform and non-uniform standard and over-sized palletized freight, from floor to over 9 ft. unassisted.

SPEEDWRAP’s ability and efficiency will help companies promote and establish a professional company image while maintaining excellent customer relations.

SPEEDWRAP- efficient and effective

SPEEDWRAP- fast and easy to use

SPEEDWRAP- store anywhere (preserves valuable warehouse space)

SPEEDWRAP- no electricity required

SPEEDWRAP- excellent and effective back up for automated dependent companies

SPEEDWRAP- customer support and team effort

SPEEDWRAP- thinking outside the box with an aggressive fertile research and development department, insures future product evolution



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