Fantastic Sams Goose Creek SC Horrible Experience

On Sunday, March 1st, 2009, 4:25pm, I went to the Fantastic Sams, Goose Creek SC location. When I walked in I noticed nobody was waiting. There were two

ladies cutting hair, I’ll call them Lady A and Lady B. There was a man getting his hair cut and a woman getting her hair cut, we’ll call her Lady C. Lady A,

having curly blonde hair and dark streaks in the front, finished with the man and walked to the back of the store. Lady B who was cutting Lady C’s hair,

said they will be right with me but did not pull up my info on the computer. Lady A returned from the back and walked over to Lady B and Lady C. Lady A,

started talking to both ladies how good Lady’s C hair cut looked. After a minute or so, Ladie C got up from the chair, after getting her hair cut, and told

me she will take me. (Just in case you didn’t get that, Lady C is an employee getting her hair cut while on the clock). I told Lady C how I wanted my hair

cut. I told her to cut it as if it were to be buzzed with a 12. I realize that isn’t very clear, but that is as simple as I could put it. After a few cuts

in the back, I checked it and told her it is too long; to cut it about half that. She cut my hair more and started styling my hair. I told her again it is

too long and just needed it be cut finger height all the way around. Basically, I had to tell her three times how to cut my hair when it is very easy in my

opinion. Not that cutting hair is easy but my style isn’t that difficult. The whole time I was turned to the side not facing the mirror and I couldn’t see

what she was doing or how my hair was turning out. While getting my haircut, Lady A–the one with dark streaks in the front–said and did some very

questionable things. First, she said in front of me how she, “feels bad how she likes turn people away.” That is very close to verbatim. At about

4:45pm–knowing that they close at 5pm on Sunday–turned away a mother and her daughter when they walked into the store. Lady A had not turned the sign to

the “closed” side nor did she lock the door. Another customer came in shortly after, about 4:50pm, and was turned away by Lady A. After I returned home, I

noticed that the front edge of my hairline–just above where my right sideburn starts and towards my temple–had been buzzed off. Not only did nobody in my

entire life ever buzzed that section of my hairline but the other side was untouched. So not only was it ridiculous to do that in the first place, she

didn’t make it even on the other side. Hereis a picture of it:


This is exactly how things transpired that night and I want a refund in full.

Thank you,

Shawn Welch


Computer Programming IT Specialist Computer Repair

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3 comments on “Fantastic Sams Goose Creek SC Horrible Experience
  1. lizw says:

    They sound like complete jerks. Call and get the owners name OR get the franchiser info. I’ve done hair since 1987. SOrry this happened to U!

  2. Linda Mariner says:

    This salon has changed owners in May 2010. It is no longer a Fantastic Sams. Salon is now “All About Hair”. The salon is a professional, clean, with experienced 10 stylists!!
    Complete make-over with relaxed, friendly feel. I have gotten my hair done there for 9 months and have alway had a great cut and color. Please give them a second chance to shine because the stylist deserve another chance!

  3. Debbie says:

    Just got the worst haircut of my life at this “All About Hair” whack place. Hairstylist really acted like she had never cut hair before. Absolutely horrible job.

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