SP3 Video Problems: Update Removed Drivers

I realize the SP3 update was a few weeks ago but I haven’t been able to deal with this problem until today.

About 4 weeks ago, I was somehow suckered into updating SP2 to SP3.  I failed to read anything about it before the update and figured, “what the heck.”  Two weeks later, I realized something was wrong when I tried to play WoW.  An error message came up saying that it couldn’t find a usable video device.

I am very busy and just didn’t have the time to really dig in and figure out what went wrong.  Today, I tried to open Google Earth.  It could not open using DirectX.  I figured it was time to fix since I had a little spare time.

I then tried to update / reinstall the ATI driver and it just wouldn’t take.   So, now I had a complete loss of a video driver.  Well, I got sick of it all and rolled back before the update.

The video driver came back and I was able to play WoW and the ATI properties came back.   Unfortunatly, I had updated FireFox to version 3 sometime after the update so I had to reinstall FF3.  I also had to install most of my addons.  Not a big deal since it still had all of the addon settings and whatnot.

FireFox Rox! Windows sucks…especially SP3.  Don’t install it unless you really thing you have to.

I have had other problems at work updating to it.


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