Why Internet Explorer Sucks: Part 1

First I want to say that I was like you once.  I only used Internet Explorer because it worked for what I needed it to.  As my web programming career became full time, I came to realize just how faulty, buggy and down right sucky Internet Explorer is.

This is part one of my rants on not liking IE.  I am talking mostly about IE 7.  I have other issues with it but that is for the next section.

As you might have guessed, I am a huge FireFox fan.  I have noticed that FireFox has less bugs and is more true to HTML style and overall web experience handling.

Here is what I discovered today.

IE 7 and possibly earlier versions do not handle JPGs that are encoded in CYMK format.  Of course, FireFox does not have a problem with this and displays them just fine.

Here is a JPG encoded in CMYK. If you are using FireFox, you should have no problem seeing this. On internet explorer however you will only see a red X.

JPG encoded in CMYK

I found this out because I am working with a client who uploads high resolution images which are “print ready.”  Meaning that the images are ready to be sent to high definition printers.  Therefore, the JPGs are in CMYK.  These images must be converted to RGB before uploading them because IE will not display them.  IE doesn’t even know what kind of file it is! How hard can it be to program the browser for it to work.  Obviously, the dollar didn’t fall on that part of the agenda.

Just goes to prove that Microsoft is just another company looking out for their bottom dollar and keeping you from having the best web experience.

Get FireFox 3

It ceases to amaze me how great FireFox is and all of the addons you can get for it.  All for free.  I know, you say, “IE is free.”  Not really, you MUST have Windows for it to work, which isn’t free.

If you would give FF a try, I promise you will ove it or your money back.  The changeover is very simple and it automatically carries over all of your bookmarks although you should be using Delicious.


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One comment on “Why Internet Explorer Sucks: Part 1
  1. Mark says:

    Down with Internet Explorer!

    I am unsure how we lived without Firefox. Firefox plugins have become necessities to many of us.

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