FireFox Addon Faves Causes 404 Errors

This is in response to my earlier post:

I have located the error, finially.  FireFox addon Faves, causes a request to the server when the user is adding the particular page to their “faves.”  When the user clicks the faves button, and saves the page to their faves, a request goes out to that server looking for an image named authoring-rotator.gif.

For instance, a person is on and adds to their faves from there.  Then a request goes out to that domain asking for

I discovered this after seeing a 404 error originating from our own IP address.  Logically, I figured that the only person who uses FireFox that could possibly have an addon that does this is our SEO guy.  I noticed that he had the very page open in his browser.  I ecstatically went out to find him and asked him what he did.  Sure enough, he saved it to his faves via the FireFox faves addon.

I then had him save another page.  Of course, another 404 error request for authoring-rotator.gif came up right away.

I then solved the issue by creating a .gif that is 100×100 with his face on it.  Hopefully, that won’t stop people from saving to faves although the gif does not come up anywhere in the faves addone during saving to faves.

I emailed about this issue.  I asked them why their addon does this and asked if there is any way to optimize for this request.  I have not heard back.  I will be sure to give an update if I hear anything.

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